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General Surgery Entrance Exam

General Surgery Entrance Exam 

  •  written June 1,2016
  • Interview on june 2-3,2016
Department of Surgery 


Blast from the Past: Walking in their Fathers’ Footsteps
St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College was recently toured and visited by three very special guests. Dr. MimaNedelcovych and brothers Mr Mohammed Rebecand DrMihailoRebec walked the halls and buildings of SPHMMC looking to reminisce their childhood days. Their fathers, Dr. AloisRebec, (internist: infectious disease specialist) and Dr. Sava Nedelcovych(surgeon) graced those same halls in the 1950s, during Emperor Haile Selassie’s time. These doctors, along with their families, were the first doctors to come to Ethiopia from Yugoslavia under the emperor’s first 5-year plan for increased economic development. Public health and healthcare expansion were one of the components of this plan. Because of Emperor Haile Selassie’s good relations with the then President of Yugoslavia, PresidentJosip Broz Tito, many Yugoslavian professionals and their families soon made their way to Ethiopia. 
The third International Conference on Financing for Development was held in Addis Ababa from July 13-16, 2015 at United Nations Economic Commission Hall. 
The conference aimed at assessing progress in international development and addressing new and emerging issues. The conference was mainly focused on how sustainable development is realized on the globe by bringing governments, business organizations and civic 
The First clinic in Ethiopia
MICHU CLINIC which is the first clinic in Ethiopia has, opened at St.Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College. Family Planning and Counseling, Contraception, Comprehensive Abortion Care, Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health, and Other related Services are given in this clinic.


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  • Medical Education
  • Capacity development of human resource(CME training, scholarship, pedagogic training, recruitment of instructors )   
  • Continues revision of integrated medical curriculum
  • Increasing area of training(post graduate and specialty program)
  • Producing up-to-date research(problem solving ,community based)
  • Partnership (other medical university ,  donors  )