Medical Eduction


Health Science Education Development Center (HSEDC) is responsible for overseeing and promoting the quality assurance related activities of the college, as well as coordinating its implementation. It works under and answers to the Academic and ResearchVice Provost.


  • To have a culture that ensures that quality is a focus of all the activities of the institution at all levels and is incorporated into the everyday work of the whole institutional community.
  • To have a properly defined program goal that is in line with the needs of the community, healthcare system and global health.
  • To have trained staffs that are required to support quality audit and assurance activity.
  • To assist the institution meat serious challenges to medical education through planning the curriculum to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the educational program,identification of effective approaches to teaching and learning.

HSEDC is organized in to 7 units each with a responsible unit head.

  • Faculty development unit
    • BereketFantahun, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinologist, Assistant professor in pediatrics
  • Education quality unit
    • TewodrosFantahun, Chief public health professional, BSc, MPH
  • Research and innovation unit
    • Amira Kiyar, M.D., General practitioner
  • Resources and Facilities unit
  • Student admission and support unit
    • AlemayehuDemissie, BSc in health education, MA in counseling psychology
  • Curriculum development and implementation unit
    • MensurShafie, BSc in pharmacy, MSc in pharmacology
  • Teaching, learning and assessment unit
    • YemisrachMengistu, M.D., General practitioner

HSEDC coordinator, Henok Fisseha, M.D.