With the new maternity hospital, children’s hospital and college complexes under construction, the college is intended to become a model integrated curriculum with undergraduate and graduate health sciences programs. The school has already created strong ties to local and international institutions, like Addis Ababa University, Jimma University, Tulane University, University of Michigan as well as the Open University.

Tulane University’s collaboration with St. Paul’s is spearheaded by Wuleta Lemma, its Country Director, and is mainly focused on undergraduate medical education, concentrating on library resources, ICT support for infrastructure and technical support, and financing staff development programs and now expanding to postgraduate programs like specialty in Pediatrics.

The initial goal of the partnership between University of Michigan and St. Paul’s, spearheaded by Senait Fisseha, was to improve maternal child health and decrease maternal mortality. Their efforts have led to the obstetrics and gynecology residency program and the addition of comprehensive family planning to the medical school curriculum. The partnership has since been expanded, and plans for new training programs in multiple fields and departments are in the works.

Other partnerships include the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which is helping to develop a Gastrointestinal/Hepatology Unit and Renal Center, and well as the Harvard School of Public Health, University of Bergen and University of Alberta.

International Partners, Tulane University, University of Michigan, University of Bergen, Harvard School of Public Health, Teaching institutions and Ministry of Health of Egypt, ENAHPA (Ethiopian North Americans Health Professionals Association), JHU TSEHAI (Johns Hopkins), University of Alberta, Engender Health and Local partners: Addis Ababa University, EHNRI, Ras Desta Hospital, Yekatit 12 Hospital, Amanuel Hospital, ALERT Center, Jimma University, Mojo Health Center, Gimbi Hospital, Butajira Hospital, Nejo Hospital.